Tax and Estate Planning

The UK presents one of the most complex tax systems in the modern world. We are constantly exposed to the impact of tax which can have a profound impact on investment returns and our overall wealth.

There is a vast range of taxes in the UK. However, thankfully, there are a number of reliefs and allowances avaliable for private individuals and companies.

Our wealth management proposition ensures that a strategy is adopted which minimises the impact of these taxes, allowing you to retain more of your wealth.

Although tax should not be the determining factor of any investment, ensuring that assets are held in the correct tax wrapper can have a profound impact on investment returns.

It is clear that we have seen some improvements in the rules regarding inheritance tax although it remains one of the most punitive taxes in the UK Estate. Planning ensures that your wealth is passed on after your death. Within the limit of inheritance tax rules, there are a number of valuable reliefs and allowances along with a number of effective planning solutions which can result in substantial tax savings in the future.